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Circles Counseling Services

Mission Statement

At Circles Counseling Services, our mission is to help individuals, couples and families recognize their strengths and capabilities and use them to overcome challenges.

Together with our counselors, we will strive to create an environment of safety & trust.

The answers to many of our challenges lie within us. As a Non Profit Organization that is committed to serving our community, we will work together to help individuals, couples, and families reconnect with their own previously dormant resources and important relational bonds so that they can overcome their current problems and focus on participating in the fulfilling aspects of their lives.

Circles Counseling Services was formed for the purpose of making counseling services available to the people who cannot afford to pay full fees for services. Our goal is to reach out to the people that live from pay-check to pay-check and who only have enough to meet their basic needs and then some. Our experience of the bay area is that whilst there are plenty of services available to the low income population, there is little available to the vast middle income population that need the services and very often have to go without. It is a population that may neither be eligible for low income services nor be able to afford the counseling fees that the wealthier populations can afford.
There is a need for counseling services in the middle income population that is currently under-served. We aim to fill this gap by providing services at a low and affordable fee.


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