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Your Gift ...

At some point in your life, you or someone you care about, may have hit a low. It could have been due to work related stress, an illness, concern over a loved one, or some kind of personal loss. During this time, it might have been hard to get out from under that dark cloud and you or your loved one may have had the opportunity of talking to someone who was trained to help you with this difficulty. Was the experience helpful? If it was, then you know the value a service like this can provide. If it wasn't, you will recognize how valuable it is to find a trained counselor with whom you can find a connection - someone who can provide you and the people who support you, with tools that will help you cope.

Every individual situation is unique, therefore in therapy, your perspective is used to help you access the appropriate tools that will support you and your family through a difficult time. Additionally, a trained counselor assists you in working on the underlying related issues, and works with you to draw on your strengths in order to accomplish your goals.

An integral part of the counseling process is the behind-the-scenes work that supports our professional counselors. As a non-profit organization, our success depends on the financial support provided by you. This enables the organization to provide reasonable compensation, training and a healthy work environment to our counselors. In turn, we will be able to provide support to our clients at a reasonable fee. Your donation becomes the gift that keeps giving, with every client we see.

Circles Counseling Services is committed to providing high quality services to the community for an affordable fee. We hope that you will take as much satisfaction as we do, in the knowledge, that your donation is being used to provide services to the needy, across all ages, cultures, and financial abilities. We feel privileged to say that we have a team of dedicated Marriage and Family Therapist Interns, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists as Supervisors, and a management team, that is personally committed to this goal.

We would like to thank you in advance, for your financial support.

Kelly Ann Alvares
Executive Director
Circles Counseling Services
405 Primrose Rd, Ste. 209,
Burlingame, CA 94010.


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